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June 10, 2008
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Ciudad-Eterna: Dante by kikikun Ciudad-Eterna: Dante by kikikun
Another character for :iconciudad-eterna: His name is DANTE 8O lulz, lucky me got to make him an elf before elves weren't allowed anymore. X3 Normally he wouldn't wear a wig that so blatantly exposes his scarred face but I was just showing what he looks like 8D
Yay, both Dante and Adele are way old characters like Tommy and Di X3

Name: Dante
Sex: Male
Age: 106 (16)
Height: 6”7
Guild: Thief Guild
Rank/job: Assassin.
Dante became an assassin by spending much of his life stalking and killing people for their hair. Over the years he’s gotten sneakier about it and by the time he reached the human land and joined the Thief Guild, he was all but an expert.
Background Info: Dante, was born into a royal elven family as a perfect little boy, but was cursed by a rival family only a few days after his birth. The curse was supposed to kill him but the high priestess of the village was able to remove it, or most of it. The curse was concentrated onto the left side of his face, the priestess having been unable to remove it completely. The side effects of the remainder of the curse includes constant pain, decaying skin on the left side of his face and some on splotched areas of the left side of his body. The curse also caused him to be completely hairless and to lose his left eye. After the curse was ‘under control’, another son was born and this one was perfect and curse free. The family began to favor this more perfect son and spoiled him endlessly. Dante gradually turned into something of a servant to his more perfect brother. In town, people would always turn away from Dante in disgust, causing him to only go outside when it was dark, and for this reason he never had any friends. He was always very envious of his younger brother and his brother's beautiful hair. Sometimes at night Dante would watch his brother while he slept because he thought that was the only time his brother was 'truly beautiful' (because he couldn’t talk and be a brat then XD). One night he was wandering the streets and he spotted a woman with beautiful hair, he reached out to touch it and she began screaming; he grabbed her hair to try and beg her to calm down but he pulled too hard and it ripped off (D: pretty much scalped her) at first he panicked and tried to ' put her back together' but it wouldn’t work so he hid her body but took the hair with him. Later he turned it into a wig and found that he could look slightly more beautiful if he had hair, even if it wasn’t his own. So Dante started occasionally going around and killing people who have ‘beautiful hair’, then taking their hair to make wigs for himself. Sometimes he uses the skin on the faces of his victims to cover the horrible disfigurement on his own face and he usually wears an eye patch over the hole where his eye should be. He eventually got very good at making wigs and preserving the hair and the bodies of his victims so he could use their skin, becoming something short of a mortician. However, it was soon discovered that he was going around killing fellow citizens and he was promptly chased out of the village and out of his family. He began wandering around in the human areas as a thief and finally joined a thief guild. When he met Adele he immediately noticed her beautiful hair but no matter how much he wanted it, he couldn’t bring himself to kill her or hurt her in any way because she was so different from anyone he'd ever met. She was kind to him and didn’t turn away from him in horror when she saw his face; she even went so far as to tell him that there was nothing wrong with the way he looked.
Dante still kills people who have ' Pretty hair' but he doesn’t do it as often because it freaks Adele out. He’s rarely without a wig or cloak/eye patch unless he's alone with Adele. Though he’s very much troubled, he doesn’t come across as a psycho. Dante usually seems very quiet, kind, and polite. He has also learned to be rather gentlemanly after the incident with his first victim. Now he's polite and kind to his victims before he seeks them out later on.
Dante still wants to be more beautiful and has, as of late, been looking for a wizard or sorceress to completely lift his curse or make him appear beautiful so he can be an acceptable groom for Adele (he wants to marry her eventually) Adele on the other hand has no idea he plans on marrying her XD

Personality: Polite, kind, quiet. He doesn’t usually go out of his way to stir up trouble unless it has to do with getting a new wig or a new assignment. He enjoys making money and enjoys buying Adele gifts. Quite the gentleman, no one would ever guess he was completely insane.

Adele: [link]

EDIT: I altered his age by a hundred years XD since I noticed most of the other elf characters also has their ages up in the hundreds D: Dante wants to be part of the club.
Fursurely D:

Adele and Dante (c) Me
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kadcarte Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2008
that's totally paedophilia man D:
but sweet too.
Ookamiofthewolves Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2008
D: > If I join can I harrass Dante? alot? LOL Cause if I make a character to join the club....It would be just to harrass Dante, and be friends with Adele....cause they're darn spiffy.
kikikun Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2008
YAY Adele loves friends :3
Ookamiofthewolves Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2008
D: I totally have to get off my fat butt and join then!
kikikun Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2008
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Eternal-Echoes Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2008
poor Dante... but what a creepster XD
it's nice that he's trying to be less murderous for Adele ^^
hunterspire Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2008
fowihowjrofiwf he made me jump! lD ((D-DONT TELL HIM THAT. 8D ))

I like him lots, though. I'm glad you were actually submitting him to the club! i thought he was only going to be part of Adele's backstory, nothing more, but apparently not. :B
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kikikun Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2008
:giggle: Aww he cant help himself, he just loves pretty thigns so much XD
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